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The Veteran’s Coalition Innovation Center (VIC)

Last year a group of the Nations’ five largest VSO’s created an independent commission to pursue “lasting changes” in America’s outdated methods of supporting veterans. While each VSO typically focuses on different important priorities, they felt the need to rally together around serious flaws in the VA and elsewhere. The Coalition’s work is supported by several national thought leaders from government, academia and the private sector.

In a quest for lasting solutions, one of the Coalition’s early conclusions was to improve Veterans’ quality-of-life, by using state-of-the-art quality disciplines. The Coalition is committed to being on the cutting edge of veterans’ issues. Waiting for the Washington Post to write an expose, and then setting up several committees and task forces, is no way to manage quality.

In a world where McDonalds knows more about its customers than America knows about our veterans, huge strides must be taken to ensure our veterans quality of life. To do so the Coalition has created the Veteran’s Innovation Center (VIC) that brings hi-tech practices to veteran quality-of-life research. The VIC performs deep “customer” research, looking at veterans’ needs by age, sex, race, disability, education etc.

The VIC is already begun work in the following areas, and will continue to search for other ways and areas to improve veteran’s quality of life:

  • Increasing Veteran Employment and Earnings

  • National Career Partnerships for Brain Injured/PTSD Veterans

  • Addressing Top Financial Planning Problems

  • Improved Quality and Uniformity in Amputee Care

  • Long-Term Care Solutions

  • Improvements in Mental Health Care

As problems are identified, the VIC builds small expert teams from both government and business. The VIC has found that market leaders from industry are happy to contribute their most innovative people and ideas to support this mission. The VIC has evolved beyond just a think-tank, the VIC offers solutions. In order for teams to maintain funding, they must show movement towards solutions that are both bold and practical.” The VIC is about speed; our research teams of national experts can develop pragmatic solutions 15-20 times faster than seen previously in this arena.

America cares for its veterans, but great intentions don’t equal great results. Even the best veteran-support programs can become quickly outdated as the needs of Veterans continue to evolve. The VIC will work to influence positive change and ensure we never leave any group of Veterans behind. There’s a very old-fashioned idea that the right idea will find a way; although undeniably there are major process problems. The VIC and the Coalition at large are prepared to step forward with solutions that are smart and practical, and the staff within the VA, DoD or anywhere else in the government who truly cares for veterans will be standing ready.

The Veterans’ Coalition is a 501(c)3c non-profit entity located in Washington DC and physical space for the VIC is in Arlington, Virginia, in conjunction with the Armed Forces Services Corps (AFSC).

VIC Leadership:

  • Dr. Ken Kizer
  • Mr. Jim Kimsey
  • Hon. Fred Malek
  • Mr. John O’Conner
  • Hon. Tony Principi