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Commission on the Future for America’s Veterans

The Commission was created on September 11, 2006 with the sole purpose of defining a “Future for America’s Veterans”.

The future for veterans is changing because of modern warfare and a revolution in technology and medicine bringing more and more military men and women home with unprecedented challenges. We must transcend political and budgetary battles to support lifelong health and well being for today’s veterans and for generations before and after them.

The issues:

  • Healthcare
  • Benefits
  • Transition
  • Catastrophic Disabilities
  • National Guard and Reserve

The Commission is an independent, analytical, objective, and privately funded organization.
We plan to deliver the findings to the American people in the form of an actionable, long term plan to shape the future of veterans and inspire a new level of resolve.


  • Honorable Harry Walters
  • Dr. Kenneth Kizer
  • Former Congressman Michael Bilirakis
  • Gen. Robert Smith (Ret.)
  • Mr. Everett Alvarez
  • Mr. Ronald Conley
  • Mr. Jack Dack
  • Mr. William Diefenderfer
  • Mr. Chad Colley

(Back row left to right) Mr. Sevier, Mr. Bilirakis, Mr. Walters,
Mr. Kizer, Mr. Diefenderfer, Mr. Smith, Mr. Boland, Mr. Dack
(Front row left to right) Mr. Colley, and Mr. Conley